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Every year, the fashion industry churns out a staggering 80 billion new clothing items. Shockingly, about 75% of these garments end up in landfills, where they can take hundreds of years to decompose. The production of new clothing consumes vast amounts of our planet's resources; for example, it takes a whopping 2,700 liters of water to produce just one cotton shirt. According to figures from the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP), Every year the fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water. Around 20 % of wastewater worldwide comes from fabric dyeing and treatment. Opting for resale or secondhand clothing is a powerful way to lessen the environmental impact of fashion. By choosing secondhand items, we can prevent the need for new clothing production and extend the lifespan of existing garments.


Our mission at Beloved Co is to promote sustainable fashion practices by providing a curated selection of high-quality pre-owned clothing and accessories. We strive to extend the lifecycle of fashion items, reduce waste, and offer our customers affordable, stylish alternatives to fashion. Through our commitment to exceptional customer service and a passion for sustainability, we aim to make a positive impact on both the community and the environment.


The purpose of our consignment store is to offer a platform for individuals to buy and sell high-quality, pre-owned fashion items, promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. By providing a curated selection of fashionable and affordable clothing and accessories, we aim to extend the lifecycle of these items and encourage a more conscious approach to fashion consumption. Through our efforts, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable future while offering our customers unique and stylish finds.

Making A Difference Together

At Beloved Co, we're dedicated to driving positive change in the fashion industry. Our handpicked selection of pre-owned luxury items ensures that our customers receive top quality and exceptional value. When you choose to shop or consign with Beloved Co, you're making a conscious choice to reduce the fashion industry's carbon footprint.


    Suzanne, a strategic thinker with a knack for business, enjoyed significant success in the hairstyling domain, once leading a thriving salon with a team of over 20 professionals. After a profitable sale of her salon, Suzanne transitioned to Kindertales, serving as the Head of Strategic Partnerships. There, she spearheaded efforts to cultivate rewarding customer relationships and forge valuable alliances. Suzanne's passion for art and insights into brand identity and business strategy have propelled her to success in multiple industries.


    Christina's evolution from a photographer to an internationally celebrated artist underscores her innate artistic flair and meticulous eye for detail. Institutions of high regard, including The National Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Kilometre Music Group, and The Adelaide Project, have lauded her contributions. Her distinctive artwork, sought after by an expanding global clientele, transforms ordinary spaces into captivating visual experiences.